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« The sun does not turn around the earth? Insane, heretical, false and absurd! »
(Court of Inquisition on the theories of Copernicus and Galileo, 1616)

« Chaos is a natural part of the creative process »


I'm IT consultant & project manager with 13 years of professional experience. I'm interested in all kinds of IT matter, but my major focus is on fast coding and agile methods. I also have skills in other fields like security auditions, mobile and web development.


When I was 15 I found myself having to decide which course to attend. In my city , all technical institutes proposed courses that I did not like and I found it not so interesting. At that age already I programmed in C and C++, and I looked out on the world of Linux. In my life I have always been self-taught perhaps by nature or perhaps because my father got the brilliant idea to put in front of my face a PC monitor when I was only 6 years old and thanks to a great curiosity , I wrote my first code at 11 years old with the help of a friend, developing a little game for PowerBBS in the form of plugin. Studying has never been a problem but I had no chance to do it at university. I do not consider myself less good than many other people. I just swapped the study with the experience. Being self-taught is not to be considered a handicap, but as an added value because the being self-taught is something that stays forever instead of simple notions and concepts. I could cite many known people who were self-taught but I think it is sufficient to cite only one: Leonardo Da Vinci.



GB Consulting (Genoa)

GB Consulting is a company that was established after many years of experience in the IT field. An idea was born one day when I decided to start to believe in potential of the landscape Genoan but mostly Italian, starting from small businesses up to corporate and institutional environments. The task, the "mission" of the GB Consulting is only one: to fastly provide clear answers and simple solutions. Drawing on the expertise of professional freelancers, the GB Consulting offers solutions to all-round, starting from the sale of hardware, studies graphics, software development or the communication and marketing strategies to conclude with advice on computer security or the most simple computer assistance.


Streaming Department Head

One Italia S.p.A. (Rome)

Management, maintenance and development side Front-End, Back-End, Monitor,Statistics and CronScript for the automatic import of content for M-Sites on thePlanet 3 of H3G SpA.Designed and developed with the aid of a sql server sniffer for the reverseengineering part an IVR back-end connector with Eutelia SpA with PL / SQLdatabase in order to manage satellite numbers (899) bypassing the native interface"vitrage (IVR)" thus allowing the remote management.Management and development of modules for the opensource project of AppleInc.: Darwin Streaming Server and optimized for use on mobile devices and for amore 'safe anti-fraud authentication (in collaboration with the New YorkUniversity).The Streaming Server has been integrated to a back-end which will refer all the m-site as constituting the "Darwin Streaming Platform". Designed, studied,researched and developed for managing the billing and content delivery streamingaudio / video systems from m-site front-end via a SOAP interface and the modularstructure of the back-end management also provides more 'formats and quality' tothe same contents according to a system of quality profile for the distribution of content delivering the best format 'supported by the device.Platform that was then used for the broadcast on H3G common smartphoneswithout DVB-T, the reality show "Big Brother 8 edition", "BigSister" of Prague and much more with real results the unexpected where the company had never putinto play.

AUGUST 2007 - AUGUST 2008


Google Leecher

This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user.

MARCH 2010


Planning & Analysis







Shell Scripting




Brevizer is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to have an optimized website interface. Interface enlightweighted, self-service mode, auto login, display prices inclusive of VAT and recharge visible or hidden, and much more.
google chrome extension  javascript


GBKit is a boilerplate for python applications hosted on Google App Engine. It's based on a RequestHandler of wsgi module and provides all the tools most useful for the development of the web.
google app engine  python  boilerplate


GPress is a CMS written in Python for Google App Engine. The principle is the same of Wordpress with the addiction of the advantageous technology Python and Google App Engine hosting service.
google app engine  python  cms


BizManager is an application written in Python for Google App Engine, which allows full accounting of your business.
google app engine  python  erp


Android AIOU is a great boilerplate for those who develop ROMs for Android. It allows you to run selective update due to its configuration file of the update.
android  edify


Twitter Auto Loader is a javascript library that allows you to integrate one or more twitter accounts on your website simply by setting the CSS classes to the container html element.
twitter  javascript


This software is intended to be used on all kinds of applications which needs to do some search on google and occasionally download its results. It can be used on console as the most common applications or you can integrate it on your project. Application written in Python also compatible on Windows.
google search  python  win32


This is a simple addon for the opensource project: pygments. Pygments is a syntax highlighter written in python. Pygments supports a lot of programming/scripting languages... but it still doesn't support LSL yet. Therefore I decided to code it myself. I thought it would be useful to all SecondLife citizens.
pygments  python  lexer


GeezMo Remote Controller was born to play. With a friend we tried to imagine how it could act a real trojan horse virus on SecondLife entirely written in LSL. It allows to gain the privileges of the land owner.
secondlife  lsl  trojan horse


The DSS is a platform based on the Darwin Streaming Server developed by Apple. DSS is written in PHP and provides two basic things. The first is the support of all legacy mobile phones through quality profiles. The second is an authentication token to prevent vision to those who does not qualify.
apple  darwin streaming server  c++  quality profiles  token auth


After working of reverse enginering I developed this API that allows full control over the configuration of the Vitrage platform.
vitrage  rest api  php


The Empress is an art project followed by Barbara Uccelli, a known Italian artist. I took care of the technical part of a video projection system activated by a sensor with motion detection and using a simple browser for playback in fullscreen.
event  javascript  html5


On 2002 something really bad happened to me. It shaked all my life and I had to abandon my security studies. I was feeling lost and I felt the heavy need of making something useful.
On that years the web makes its first big steps forward to the future and I wanted to be a part of it.
I apologize in advance if there are no previews of some sites. Moreover sure I'm forgetting portals that I created which I can define meteors for the speed in which they are off.
Now, after more than ten years of web developing, I published more than 30 websites and worked on more than 50. When you browse the websites below, please consider I'm not a designer but just a developer ;)


In many years I developed a lot of stuff useful and useless and you can find here 0 public repositories of 0 total repositories.

All of the projects below are under open source licences. Many of them are really outdated and not so good, but this is my small contribute.

CTRL+F allowed ;)


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